The first commercial storage heat exchanger for waste water.

The revincus System

Whether it is warm waste water from showering, hand washing or the dishwasher and washing machine - the thermal energy contained in the waste water has so far been discharged into the sewage system unused. A completely neglected and underestimated energy source. Our storage heat exchanger for waste water - the revincus system - is a new technology that utilises this potential. In this process, the non-faecally contaminated wastewater - the so-called greywater - is pre-treated by the revincus system, analysed, stored and the thermal energy it contains is recovered.


First, the grey water (e.g. from the shower) is separated from suspended matter (e.g. hair) by our backwashing filter system. The integrated backwash enables regular cleaning of the filter and a low maintenance service.


After pre-filtration, the temperature of the grey water is measured by our system and compared with the temperature zones of the downstream storage tank. Then an algorithm finds the most efficient temperature zone of the storage tank into which the grey water is to be deposited.

Distribution system

Our distribution system then directs the grey water into the temperature zone of the storage tank, which is predetermined by the algorithm. Through an efficient symbiosis of innovative hardware and software, the different temperature levels - from the lowest to the highest temperature - are channelled into the revincus system and stored on a long-term basis.


Specially developed outlets allow low turbulence discharge into the temperature zones within the storage tank. This prevents any mixing of temperature levels between the zones and enables precise storage according to the grey water temperature that arises.

Energy recovery

The heat exchange spirals running through the storage tank then enable the heat energy to be extracted from within the grey water. Various forms of liquid, such as drinking water or heating water, can be passed through the spirals and preheated.

Temperature control

Each zone of the storage tank contains at least one heat exchange spiral, which can be controlled individually and combined with spirals from different temperature zones. This enables flexible heat transfer across a wide range of temperature zones to a liquid medium as required.

Combination & recovery

The freely adjustable heating of the medium allows cooperation with a wide variety of building services systems. For example, a heat pump operates at low temperature levels and a surface heating system at higher temperature levels, both of which can be provided by our system and thus combined.

Through an efficient induction, long-term maintenance of the temperature levels and flexible control of the temperature layers, it is possible to recover almost all of the thermal energy contained in the grey water, make it available to the building services and thus save energy.

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