Areas of Application

Our wastewater heat recovery systems can be used almost anywhere where thermal energy is present in liquid media.

Our current areas of operation:


Multi-story housing & district level


Process water & cooling


Showers & Baths

Our services

Planning, design, production, realisation, advice on funding opportunities and special production

Why choose a revincus system?

Reduce energy costs

Wastewater heat recovery keeps the heat in the cycle & thus reduces your hot water costs.

Operate heat pumps efficiently all year round

Heat pumps become efficient all year round through wastewater heat recovery and the COP (4 - 5) is significantly increased.

Fast payback

Your investment in residential construction pays for itself in just 8 to 12.5 years.
Even shorter amortization periods are possible in industry and leisure facilities.

Economically viable from 20 people

Compared to other systems on the market, revincus offers a solution that is already economically viable for residential construction from 20 people.

Reduce CO² emissions

Increase the energy efficiency of your buildings and industrial processes. Reduce CO² emissions through efficient energy technology!

Low planning and investment effort

Compared to common methods, such as deep drilling or area collectors, the effort to use wastewater as a heat source is low.

Can't find your use case?

Contact us, we will find a solution.

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