Areas of application

Our systems for wastewater heat recovery can be used almost anywhere where thermal energy is present in liquid media.

Our current areas of operation:


Multi-story housing & district level


Process water & cooling


Showers & Baths

Our services

Planning, design, production, realisation, advice on funding opportunities and special production

Why choose a revincus system?

Reduce energy costs

Waste water heat recovery keeps the heat in the cycle & thus reduces your hot water costs.

Operate heat pumps efficiently all year round

Heat pumps become efficient all year round through wastewater heat recovery and the COP is significantly increased.

Fast payback

Within just 8 to 12.5 years, your investment in residential construction will pay for itself.
Even shorter paybacks are possible in industry and leisure facilities.

Best funding conditions

The investment costs for wastewater heat recovery is as part of an efficient heat pump system up to 65% Subsidisable.

More information

Reduce CO² emissions

Increase the energy efficiency of your buildings and industrial processes. Reduce CO² emissions through efficient sustainable energy technology!

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