Latest develop­ments and inno­vations in sewage­ heat­ recovery at revincus.

Felix Drechsel and Jeremias Polster in Weimar next to Rain-O-Tec founder Johannes Rainer

Innovative Alliance: revincus and Rain-O-Tec join forces for the future 


We are excited to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the Austrian wastewater pioneer Rain-O-Tec. As a young, motivated, and innovative startup, we see this collaboration as a unique opportunity to deepen our expertise in environmental technology and expand our product range.

References: Rain-O-Tec has been operating wastewater heat exchangers in swimming pools and industries with high flow rates for over 10 years. These experiences and proven references are also represented by revincus through this cooperation.

Products: Our product range is growing to include a wastewater heat exchanger for high flow rates. Our goal is to supply the German market through this technology exchange and implement our digitized process monitoring in this proven technology.

We look forward to working with Rain-O-Tec and setting new standards together.

Jeremias Polster and Felix Drechsel on stage at the ThEx Award Thuringia – revincus takes 1st place in the Start category

ThEx Award – 1st place goes to revincus


We are very honored to receive 1st place at the ThEx Award in the Starter category. It is a confirmation of our work and shows that we can make an important contribution to the energy transition with our technology. We are convinced that our technology is an ideal solution for companies and municipalities that want to reduce their CO2 emissions and promote the energy transition. Many thanks to the jury and organizers who recognized this achievement and motivated and delighted us with this award.

More information from the organizers of the ThEx Award.
Here is the press release from the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Thuringia.

And here is a report from the Thuringian Economic Mirror.

Felix Drechsel next to a sewage heat exchanger in Stadtroda

144 residential units in Stadtroda will benefit from energy from hot water in the future

Great progress in our project in Stadtroda! A milestone was recently reached in the extensive energy-efficient refurbishment of the WBS 70 residential blocks: Our partner, Heizungsbau Kössel, successfully installed the revincus sewage heat exchangers and sewage diverters. By utilizing our innovative technology for wastewater heat recovery, 144 residential units now benefit from energy from hot water. This measure is part of extensive energy-efficient refurbishment and marks an important step towards sustainable urban development.

More details on this exciting project coming soon!

Jeremias Polster on stage at the Investor Days Thuringia

Thuringian Investor Days - start of a second round of financing

14. – 15.06.2023

With great enthusiasm, we launched a new round of financing at the Thuringian Investor Days. Jeremias Polster, had the honour of giving a pitch presentation on stage. We are delighted with the positive feedback and the exciting opportunities this round of funding offers for our future in wastewater heat recovery.

Feel free to read more about the Investor Days Thuringia here.

3D printer from 3DGence next to part of the revincus team

3D printing technology for industry and research


We welcome a new tool in our production - a state-of-the-art industrial 3D printer from the brand 3DGence. With the support of the Thüringer Aufbaubank and the Thuringian Digital Bonus, we were able to make this important investment. This innovative device will enable us to accelerate prototype construction and simultaneously optimize production. With its ability to print larger parts, the 3DGence printer offers almost unlimited flexibility in the design and manufacturing of components for our revincus system. This will help us quickly respond to feedback and continuously improve and develop our products.

Feel free to read more about the 3D printers from 3DGence here.
Feel free to read more about the Thuringian Digital Bonus here.

Felix Drechsel during his presentation at the Energy Conference of IPH Selzer in Weimar

On stage at the IPH Selzer Energy Conference.

A sustainable energy future picture - that's what we could see at the presentations of this year's IPH Selzer Energy Conference. As part of the event, which focuses on large-scale conversion projects towards renewable energies and hydrogen, Felix Drechsel was also able to present our work on wastewater heat recovery. The lively exchange and the exciting contributions of other participants show: The path to a green future is possible, but also fraught with hurdles.

Wolfgang Tiefensee and Felix Drechsel

Innovation voucher for research - Get started 2gether


We are proud winners of an innovation voucher from the Get started 2gether competition! The support will enable us to conduct more in-depth research into the detection of blackwater and graywater events based on vibration and noise. The visit of Thuringia's Minister of Economics Wolfgang Tiefensee, who personally inspected our wastewater heat recovery technology, gave us an additional boost. On to the next innovation!

Feel free to read more about Get started 2gether here.

ABW-SSW under installation near Dresden

Combination of air source heat pump and revincus technology in new building project


Near Dresden, an exciting new construction project is setting new standards in sustainable heat supply. Our innovative stratified storage wastewater heat exchanger was recently successfully installed there. Thanks to its special technology, this heat exchanger enables the efficient transfer of heat in different layers and temperature zones. Particularly noteworthy about this project is the combination of our wastewater heat recovery system with an air source heat pump. Both heat sources flow together in a hygienic storage tank, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly heat supply. We are pleased to be part of this innovative solution and are excited to see the results of this synergy!

2nd Hofer Water Symposium visitors

2nd Hof Water Symposium with revincus

12. – 13.10.2022

Part of our team was guests at the 2nd Hof Water Symposium, a high-profile stage for ideas and innovations in the German water industry. We had the honor to present our advanced wastewater heat recovery solutions, gaining valuable insights into the future of the sector. See you at the next symposium in Hof!

Thuringian Minister of Environment Anja Siegesmund and Felix Drechsel next to a sewage diverter from revincus

Energetic model renovation in Stadtroda


Today, Anja Siegesmund, Thuringia's Minister of the Environment, handed over the official notification of funding in the amount of €2.4 million as part of the Thuringia Heat Initiative. We are very pleased about the official starting signal for the energetic model renovation of the WBS 70 in Stadtroda. A total of 24 wastewater diverters and 14 storage heat exchangers from revincus GmbH will be used here!

Feel free to read more about the energetic sample renovation in Stadtroda here.

Katrin Göring-Eckart and Felix Drechsel

Green visit


We are happy to share Katrin Göring-Eckarts visit in our development and production facility in Weimar. In addition to the valuable and constructive discussions, future visions of wastewater utilisation and new types of wastewater heat exchangers from revincus GmbH were presented. The event was accompanied by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk: To the video clip

revincus manufacturing and development sites in Weimar

Development & production


The development and production facility has been subject to an ever-growing expansion since January 2020 in order to advance research and optimisation on the first economical storage heat exchanger for wastewater - the revincus system. Under the leadership of Felix Drechsel, numerous novel and innovative hardware components have already been developed on the revincus system.

Administrative location of the company revincus in Jena

Move-in headquarters Jena


In order to further advance the company's development alongside the research and development activities, the administration and sales department has been working in the Technology & Innovation Park in Jena since 2021. Under the leadership of Jeremias Polster, a large network of partners, target groups and interested parties has already been established.

Felix Drechsel and Jeremias Polster next to a prototype of a wastewater heat exchanger

The first round of financing


On 04.12.2020, the first financing round was successfully concluded. The increase in shareholders by Stiftung Thüringen Beteiligungskapital, represented by Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen, mittelständige Beteiligungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH and Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland proved to be particularly positive. This success made it possible to obtain an investment in the low seven-figure range, which has since enabled the finalisation of the revincus system and the establishment of the company. A press release was published by the Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen: To the press release


revincus facilities Jena


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