Energetic model refurbishment in Stadtroda


Today, Thuringia's Minister of the Environment Anja Siegesmund has presented the official notification of funding in the amount of € 2.4 million as part of the Thuringian Heat Initiative. We are very pleased about the official kick-off for the energy-efficient refurbishment of the WBS 70 in Stadtroda. A total of 24 wastewater diverters and 14 storage heat exchangers from revincus GmbH are being used here!

For more information about the energy-efficient refurbishment in Stadtroda, please click here.

Green visit


On 21.07.2021 Katrin Göring-Eckart visited the development and production facility in Weimar. In addition to the valuable and constructive discussions, future visions of wastewater utilisation and new types of wastewater heat exchangers from revincus GmbH were presented. The event was accompanied by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk: To the video clip

Development & production


The development and production facility has been subject to an ever-growing expansion since January 2020 in order to advance research and optimisation on the first economical storage heat exchanger for wastewater - the revincus system. Under the leadership of Felix Drechsel, numerous novel and innovative hardware components have already been developed on the revincus system.

Move-in headquarters Jena


In order to further advance the company's development alongside the research and development activities, the administration and sales department has been working in the Technology & Innovation Park in Jena since 2021. Under the leadership of Jeremias Polster, a large network of partners, target groups and interested parties has already been established.

The first round of financing


On 04.12.2020, the first financing round was successfully concluded. The increase in shareholders by Stiftung Thüringen Beteiligungskapital, represented by Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen, mittelständige Beteiligungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH and Sparkasse Jena-Saale-Holzland proved to be particularly positive. This success made it possible to obtain an investment in the low seven-figure range, which has since enabled the finalisation of the revincus system and the establishment of the company. A press release was published by the Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen: To the press release



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