Waste water heat exchanger for
heat recovery from waste water.

revincus - your expert for efficient wastewater heat recovery in residential and industrial applications.

Our wastewater technology is eligible for up to 65% state funding. We will be happy to advise you.

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We increase energy efficiency with innovative wastewater heat recovery systems.

Operate efficient heat pumps all year round through wastewater heat recovery.

With our solutions, you benefit from significant cost reductions and improved subsidy conditions.

Within only 8 to 12.5 years, your investment will pay for itself which, moreover, can be counted towards the legally required share of renewable energies in your building.

'Abwasserwärmetauscher mit Wärmepumpe

Energy-efficient refurbishment of apartment buildings and multi-storey housing.

Meet the high-temperature demand (>60°C) for drinking water with energy from wastewater heat recovery and efficient heat pumps, consider low-temperature heating systems and save on cost-intensive deep drilling.

Wastewater heat recovery increases the coefficient of performance (COP) of heat pumps and reduces emissions and energy consumption of your building. The revincus system extracts heat from the faeces-free part of the wastewater, the greywater. This valuable energy is then potentiated by a heat pump and fed back into your hot water circuit in the most efficient way possible.

'Abwasserwärmerückgewinnung Hausquerschnitt

In new buildings as well as in existing buildings.
From residential to industrial.

Save on line rehabilitation with our ABW-K2 wastewater diverter, the only solution on the market to separate grey and black water on one mixing line.

Regardless of new or existing buildings, our wastewater heat exchanger makes retrofitting in existing buildings much easier.
We supply versatile wastewater­heat recovery systems for residential, industrial and leisure facilities. With our system and tailor-made wastewater heat exchangers, we find a solution for every potential.

'Abwasserwärmerückgewinnung Anwendungsgebiete Wohnungsbau Industrie Freizeitindustrie


'Abwasserwärmerückgewinnung Hausquerschnitt

Energy saving through energy recovery

"The revincus wastewater heat recovery system is an interesting solution with potential for many industries. These include industrial companies that produce warm waste water or have a high demand for warm shower water, housing cooperatives that want to modernise in an energy-efficient way, property developers and project developers who realise smaller construction projects up to neighbourhood levels, public construction companies and fitness studios."

'Abwasserwärmerückgewinnung Hausquerschnitt

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Major project: building from the GDR era with heat recovery

"The core of the project is a new type of heat exchanger that returns the heat energy from bathtubs, dishwashers or washing machines to the flat via the heating system. So far, no one in Thuringia has managed to make such a large residential building with 144 flats climate-neutral, said Stengele according to the ministry."

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