Wastewater heat exchanger for heat recovery from wastewater.

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Cross-section of wastewater heat recovery in a house

Energy saving through energy recovery

“The revincus wastewater heat recovery system is an interesting solution with potential for many industries. These include industrial companies that produce warm wastewater or have a high demand for warm shower water, housing cooperatives that want to modernize energy-efficiently, developers and project developers who realize smaller construction projects up to neighborhood levels, public construction companies, and fitness studios.”

Cross-section of wastewater heat recovery in a house

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Prefabricated building in Stadtroda



Planning, design, production, implementation, advice on funding opportunities, and custom manufacturing of wastewater heat recovery systems


Jeremias Polster and Felix Drechsel on stage at the ThEx Award Thuringia - revincus takes 1st place in the Start-up category

ThEx Award - 1st place goes to revincus


We feel very honored by the award of the 1st place at the ThEx Award in the Start-up category. It is a confirmation of our work and shows that we can make an important contribution to the energy transition with our technology. We are convinced that our technology is an ideal solution for companies and municipalities that want to reduce their CO2 emissions and drive the energy transition. Many thanks to the jury and organizers who recognized this achievement and brought us motivation and joy with this prize.

More information from the organizers of the ThEx Award.
Here is the press release from the Thuringia Ministry of Economics.

And here is a report from the Thuringian Wirtschaftsspiegel.

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