Wastewater Heat Exchanger & Heat Pump in Combination

Concept & Plant Diagram

Step by step explanation.

1The revincus wastewater heat exchanger captures the warm greywater directly at the downpipe of the house.

If there is no separate downpipe for greywater in your house, we offer a solution for subsequent separation of grey and black water using our wastewater switch.

2The heat of the wastewater is transferred by a revincus wastewater heat exchanger to the brine of a brine-water heat pump.

The efficiency of the heat pump (COP of 4 - 5 in the high temperature range) is significantly increased by the heat of the wastewater and thus less electricity is consumed. For comparison: the average COP of heat pumps in the domestic area is 3 - 3.5.

3 The heat is now, as usual in multi-storey residential construction, made available to the apartments via a buffer storage tank for hot drinking water.

The water heated to 60° by the heat pump now meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance according to § 3 Number 12 TrinkwV.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Most efficient heat pumps through heat from wastewater.
    Due to the high flow temperature from the wastewater, particularly efficient heat pumps (COP 4–5) can be used.

  • Up to 65% subsidizable.
    Wastewater heat recovery can be credited to the proportion of sustainable energies in your building

  • Economical from 20 residents.
    Applies to the residential area.

  • High temperature for drinking water.
    The hot water heating and thus the high temperature range, can be efficiently covered with wastewater heat recovery. This paves the way to consider air-to-air heat pumps, low-temperature heating, or even infrared as building heating.

  • Wastewater heat recovery is efficient all year round.
    High temperatures can be efficiently generated with heat from wastewater regardless of weather and season.

  • Low planning and investment effort.
    Compared to common methods, such as deep drilling or surface collectors, the effort to use wastewater as a heat source is low.

  • Plant scheme for apartment construction and leisure industry.


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